Fork dropout welds

The adjustable rake fork is coming along. Been doing lots of home improvement instead of framebuilding lately because the weather’s been so damn nice.

The dropout welds went pretty OK for the first time doing hooded dropouts with very little real estate on the sides.  I think next time I’ll crimp the tube at the dropout to leave more room so i don’t overheat the hood (like shown in the picture at the bottom).  The mini-horizontal mill is very loud, something with the resonance of the table it’s on, but it works well.  It definitely takes lots of  ‘eying’ of the tubes to make sure they’re centered, but it seems like i got it pretty close.  You always have to finish up with some hand-filing anyways so any inequalities are worked out then (at least for me).

Fork in Fixture, ready to tack legs to steerer

Where I had good space to lay a bead, the welds turned out pretty good in my opinion! This was done before I got the new torch and gas lens so I’m happy with these welds.  It’s funky trying to weld tight radius tubes like this, but I feel more confident every day.  The metal didn’t get too hot, except for a couple places.  I didn’t blow through any tubes and it looks to be about equal heat input on both legs.  The amps were cranked up to over 60 since both the dropouts and legs are pretty thick steel.  Tomorrow I’ll finish up the welding and tap some holes into the dropouts on the backside to screw in the bolts that’ll position the axle in the dropout.

The Good… 

...and the Bad

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