Legs are welded

First, the first pass on the back, no pulser
Second, the first pass on the front, no pulser

Another step completed in the fork build tonight. Slow build because made a wall in the garage to separate the ‘garage’ from the ‘shop.’  The shop will get heated, the garage won’t…should save on $ and also i’ll have a cleaner workspace.  Anyways…

I tacked the fork legs to the steerer, obtuse angles first, then working my way down to the acute angle…but the legs still pulled inward on the dropouts enough that I cold-set the blades back to 100mm before welding it up.

Because I don’t have any practice tubing that’s this thick, I was using the settings I used last time on the first pass with the torch.  I started with 54amps but soon realized that was way too cold – i couldn’t get the puddle to form and get going.  So I increased it to 62 and it was better but still had some trouble and ended up cooking the blades in one or two spots (you can tell from the picture where…).  I set it on up to 65 and then got a good puddle fast and backed off a few amps to set the bead.  I have just recently learned: set it for more amps than you think you need and use the pedal to back off it to the right level.  Faster torch movement and higher amps basically.

The front-side went did better because of the ‘practice’ I had on the backside.  Much better bead here, some wavering but not too bad, but mostly I had trouble ending it with any beauty. I’ll probably do a cosmetic pass with the pulser tomorrow to finish if off before adding the crown race, etc.

Nothing like REAL practice with real tubes!

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