Snow ride in spring

Rode my bike today, 2nd time this year. Wow…saying that back when I was racing ‘full time’ would’ve made me cringe! Two hour rides nowadays seem like epics!

The trails above 8000ft are a mixture of conditions right now.  It’s awesome…but damn…there is still a ton of snow covering some of my favorite trails.  The snow is hard enough to ride over so it’s actually a really fun time to be riding bikes. Just make sure you choose your route so the southern aspects get hit up the uphill and the northern ones on the downhills (momentum is key!).

It’s hard to see what this photo is showing, but it’s the front derailleur of my frame.  It’s an XT front der and it’s about 1cm from the tire, and the tire is only a 2.2! Not sure how I’m gonna go shorter than 17.5″ chainstays unless I just say no to front derailleurs or figure out how the other guys do it.

I’m digging this bikes geometry. But i do like it better with the rigid fork on it.  Probably because the headtube angle goes to 69 full time. Next bike, after the MTB touring, will have to be a newer version of this bike. Oh wait, no, my wife’s bike is next!

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