SS-ss-29er – painted and built

Looking pretty ok for rattlecan! John Deere green like my old Spot of 2003 but not as shiny.

The finished frame all built up as seen is 24lbs. I need to build up another fork for it though, the adjustable rake fork is ready to be retired and it’s overly heavy with the big dropouts.

It’s my first paint job and it went pretty quick.  It’s not the nicest looking paint but it’ll serve the purpose for now. $10 worth of Rustoleum paint from the local Ace Hardware vs. around $100 for a powdercoat in Denver…and i do it myself!

Yes, this is my fine machine work. Fitted and ready to tack.

Took me a few days over two weeks but it’s built and painted. I like how it turned out…all but for the rear disc tab. It’s funny, since Paragon came out with sliding dropouts where you can run singlespeed or gears, nobody makes any disc mounts for horizontal dropouts unless it’s for their own frames (i.e., Surly, Redline).  As this is only #3, I really didn’t want to shell out $130 for slotted sliding dropouts.  So…i hacked up two disc brake tabs and made one really shitty looking sliding mount for my new single.  This setup cost me $46 which is still too much probably.

I tig'd the pieces together, filed it smoother and then fixed it to the dropout...
that thing ain't going NOWHERE! But it sure ain't too pretty!
All cleaned up and nowhere to go. I copied Waltworks' disc rotor bridge idea and it was quick and works like a charm!
Frame all wire-brush polished and taped off for paint
Rustoleum primer applied in 3-ish coats...
It works fine, but has much less adjustability than I had hoped for.

It’s builder-error that there’s not more adjustability in the rear disc mount. I should’ve angled up the bottom slot more so that the brake rotates around the rotor when sliding the wheel back and forth. I will still have to loosen the bolts to get the rear wheel out, but I shouldn’t have to take out the lower bolt all the way like I had to with my Surly KM. Something new to learn every frame.

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