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I started working on the wishbone seat stays today. I’m trying a different design – part DeKerf, part Nobillette.  I don’t know if their designs were original but I saw it first on their bikes.  (Seems like everything has been tried dozens of times in the bike world and comes back in cycles, pun intended (think Sweet Wing cranks, Retrotec bikes, oh my the list could go on forever).

I wanted to have a 19mm crown ‘arch’ instead of two crown segments welded to the 1″ seat stay piece but I don’t have a bender that’ll bend 19mm or 22mm diameter tubing.  So for now, I’ll need to miter the tubes like a segmented fork until I get one.  I like the look of the crown segments and how the 16mm seat stay legs slide into them and don’t pop out above.  The main legs will get brass-brazed into the crown pieces and the segments will get welded to the seat stay piece that attaches to the seat tube.  I’d like to try a front fork in a similar design since it’ll help fork/downtube clearance…hmm…

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