Frame 5 is done

It was a bit rough around the edges (but maybe I’m the only one who will notice) from a welding perspective, but it is done! Most of the welds were fine, but I messed up on the drive-side chainstay/BB bead (blew a small hole) and even though I fixed it as best I could, it’s not going to be a frame I give to a friend.  It’ll be great for testing out some geometry tweaks I tried – like the 72 deg seat tube angle and offset seat tube, and the way-shorter-than-I’ve-ever-done-for-a-big-bike front-center length (687mm), and the not super short chainstays (17.25″) but shorter than average – but I will be the only one riding this frame.

All said and done, it’s a 4 pounds, 5 oz. (4.3 lbs) frame with the seat collar for a 19″ frame. Next frame (which I start very soon) will not have a such a light 26.8 top tube but instead a 31.8 tube which will increase the weight…but not by much. Everything else will mostly be the same except for some seat stay changes and maybe some geometry changes depending on how I like the ride of this one.  Brother Wolfe in Bend has some sweet custom head tubes for me in the mail so one will be going on Heyride’s new frame as well as his cross bike. Should be sweet! All for now…

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