Hite Rite!

I found this randomly searching eBay, where I’m selling my brown Surly Cross-check frame and fork.

Pic stolen from: http://www.cyclofiend.com/mtb/index.html which is worth checking out!

Funny how Joe Breeze developed this way back in the early 80’s and now there are some serious new versions of basically the same thing – but overkill in my opinion.  I had one on my first mountain bike – a Schwinn High Sierra before some mope stole it from my middle school bike rack! We’d drop into the S-trail into Larkspur after bombing down the “Coasters” at full speed. The “S-Trail” was where I learned how to ride technical stuff – it’s rooty, steep, off-camber, and you’re off the back of the seat most of the way down.  The Hite-Rite was made for this trail, I think literally, it was made for this actual trail  but I don’t know for sure. If I meet Joe I’ll ask him some day.  Also why he’s not making it anymore.  With all the new-fangled versions that cost an arm and a leg and weight almost the same…seems like an updated Hite-Rite would be a smart thing to release…! Hmm…


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