Frame 6 is done, and built, and ridden!

…and possibly headed to the CB100 next weekend.

I painted it “Pumpkin Orange” at the request of Heyride who will be it’s test pilot. Fitting for the fall season and it’s camo with all the leaves changing color right now.

The frame build went pretty well for the most part, but took way longer to build than it should have since it’s been a busy time.  Problems? Sure…each frame has em still.  I blew a hole in the drive-side seat stay at the dropout.  My mistake- the miter wasn’t totally air-tight but I filled it in fine with filler.  Then I did something that I never wanted to do but Hank recommended as a possibility for beginning TIG welders – just to be safe => I fillet brazed over the tig weld.  I’m not a good fillet brazer but it’s definitely a beefy strong joint now that it’s covered in a bunch of brass!  Hey..i’m still learning! This blog gives full disclosure.  Anyways, here are some finishing shots:

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  1. Looks great! Congrats on #6. DId you have to do any mods to the Access65 for that large head tube?! Very nice. Your tig welding is looking great too.

    1. Hey Tim, I put a new update on the Henry James Update blog for the head tube too. I don’t have a lathe so couldn’t make my own cones but found a great set on ebay.
      And thanks for the kind words!

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