Access 65 chainstay holder

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I modified my frame jig with a simple drill hole.  I was having trouble holding the chainstays in place when fitting and tacking them into place.  The jig doesn’t have anything stock that does the job, but the seat tube/seat stay bar part looked like it’d work really well.  I just had to drill a hole in the lower chainstay ‘arm’ of the fixture (sorry Hank!) and now the ST/SS pivoting bar thingy fits down below the chainstays.  It works GREAT since I can just rest the stays while i finish up filing them to fit, and I can use the PVC pipe joint to space the stays for the right tire size.  The bar helps if you’re hand-mitering the stays too since it keeps them level.  I use the invaluable toe strap once again to hold everything in place while I rotate the jig around and tack the stays into place.  It’s not the most elegant solution, but hey, it works!

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