Frequently made framebuilding statements

Everybody has an opinion on which frame material is best, or best for a given application. The web is just full of opinions dressed up as facts and it’s hard to muck your way through the mess many times. I come from a science background so am always expecting a reference to the study that supports their theory…which is almost never there. So those of us that aren’t able or willing to go back to school for a degree, we’re left to filter through the massive amount of information and glean what we can on ‘internet metallurgy and mechanical engineering.’ I think I am on my way to at least a Master’s Degree in that right now 😉

I always have loved chatting with Hank and Monika at Henry James Bicycles when I have ordered tubes and other various framebuilding materials. For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of meeting them, they are truly one of a kind people. I stumbled upon this “FAQ” page on their website and just wanted to share:

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