Cargo bike championships

Cargo bikes are pretty sweet.  Great for flat places and cities (NOT San Francisco) but I am envisioning one for me and my dogs someday. How does the steering work though…?

Check out this link and be sure to watch the video!


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  1. I ride my cargo bike – which is a 21 speed Yuba Mundo, btw – all over San Francisco. In fact, I think its the ideal bike for the city, because it’s easy to pick up a friend, or a bunch of veggies and still climb hills in the wind. I wouldn’t try it on any other style bike

    1. I guess I need to expand my definition of a cargo bike. I was classifying the Yuba Mundo in a different catagory with the Xtracycle type rigs. I can see how the Yuba would be great for SF since your weight is behind you and not in front of you like the ones in that video i linked and found here. I just can’t imagine the Long John Cargo Bike in San Francisco! I grew up near there and just think i’d go backwards with any cargo up front! But I am completely open to being wrong.

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