Brazing eyelets to dropouts

If you will be using dropouts with no eyelets, but want some on there anyways, here’s what I figured out:

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I saw the use of a simple drilled and tapped plate of 4130 steel plate used as a ‘fixture’ so I tried one dropout using this method and the other dropout with just a Sputnik brazeon clamp.  I ended up not liking the plate-fixture method because it took way too long to heat up and braze with any precision since the plate soaks up a lot of the torch’s heat.  It also hides the backside of the dropout & eyelet so I was unable to get brass back there (the part against the plate). So if you use this method definitely give some stand-off or offset to the dropout and eyelet somehow.  Maybe a short stack of some stainless steel washers could be used to allow you to drop some brass back there while keeping everything in-line.  But honestly, if the dropout is of the right type, you can just use a c-clamp or other type of metal clamp to hold the eyelet on there while brazing.  You can tweak the alignment of the eyelet later if it doesn’t get brazed on perfectly straight.  But if anyone reading has any tips please comment!

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