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We’ve had quite the warm spell in Colorado this week with yesterday topping out at almost 60 degrees and sunny at 8,400ft elevation.  So yesterday I was able to paint the frame and fork and build it up today.  We are at 80% of average snowfall and 65% of last year’s snow amount. So…why did I build a snow-bike?! Hah, cause they’re freaking rad!  It always amazes me how cool each and every type of bike is…one for every condition and occasion, or just one for all! Since I am lucky enough to make my own frames, I am loving making once for style of riding.

The bike built up easily, just transferred some parts from other bikes I have made and added the wheelset and tires.  The wheels are super heavy, but what do you expect? The frame weighed in at 4lb 14oz, and the full bike is 34lbs.  That’s truly fat.

As for how it rode, wow, what a change from a 29er MTB with 2.4″ tires. I mean…on the pavement the Rotundcycle sounds like a tractor or there’s a low-flying plane overhead.  Its element is not the hardpack though so once I got to the dirt and snow it was super fun.  The local singletracks are pretty rideable on a cross bike, if you’re into that kinda thing, but these tires just purr over the pitted footholes in the packed down snowshoe trails.  Cornering is odd feeling with 10lbs of tire pressure.  It’s like when you first rode a 29er on tight singletrack and almost blew through (or did) that first fast-speed corner…? There is some serious weight to these wheels so getting them to do what you want takes some effort.  I canNOT wait to try it on some real snow though…if the next storm would ever materialize.

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  1. very nice bike! 34lbs sounds pretty reasonable considering the wheels..
    my first build was a breakapart cargo bike; my next prototype’s rear will be compatible with big rims too.

  2. Thanks Bruce!
    I don’t obsess about weight, but I do consider it since I does affect the riding experience.
    Yeah, 34lbs isn’t too bad considering also that it has a steel-railed Brooks saddle and a pretty heavy fork (straight gauge 4130 with sleeved blades), as well as the tank-like Surly tubes. Changing those three things (and weighing it without the pedals like most seem to do when reporting bike weight), it’d be less than 30lbs.

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