More riding shots

Taking it all in here, it’s a beautiful time of year.  The wildflowers seem stunted though with the lack of any moisture, and the grass is already turning brown.  That is scary. Fire danger is soaring and there are already multiple fires roaring in Colorado.

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Got a new handlebar from Watson Cycles and it’s awesome! I love the bend compared to my H-bar, the Mary bar, and the Black Sheep Mtn Mustache. I’ve tried many of these alt-bars and so far this is my favorite. No welded parts, just bends.  The handles could be a bit longer for my hands, especially to fit the twist shifter, but i’ll just have to use a twist-shifter-specific grip or cut one down.  It’s not super light for a Ti bar but it’s also thicker-walled than a normal bar to allow for the big bend. I think he also used thicker walled Ti because I asked for a beefy/strong bar as it’s going on my upcoming rigid touring bike. With the Rohloff and Paragon slider dropouts, Stans Flow rims (28mm wide instead of 24.4mm), it’ll be built to last and the last bike I make myself for awhile.  I gots other peeps bikes to build!

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