Muscle memory

Almost 10 weeks since I’ve last picked up the torch.  I’ve set up a little of the shop so i could get back in it and today’s weld makes me happy to realize all the brain cells that I have left remembered how to lay down a pretty good bead.  It’s just 1″ x 0.035″ 4130 steel with an ok miter and minor cleaning, so it’ll do.

I’m getting a new Anvil JMan3.1 frame fixture this week and should be back up and building frames in no time.  I honestly don’t feel worthy of this new (& quite expensive) tooling, but I don’t have the tooling (or ability for that matter) to make my own fixture similar to the JMan.  I’m of the opinion that a very accurate fixture made for the TIG-welder makes a huge difference in how the frame turns out in the end.  I plan to weld most of the frame in the fixture since it comes stock plumbed for backpurging and 9″ of standoff. I hope this will help improve my frame alignment and make a better bike. I have been able to get sub-mm alignment, but only by doing second passes on certain welds.  I would like to do it all in one pass and call it good!  Sure, maybe nobody will notice except for me…but to me it matters.  Plus, I also plan to do this for awhile!

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