Frame 13 – First welds on the JMan

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Thanks to everyone that regularly stops-in to see what I’m ranting about in the framebuilding microcosm. It’s actually a much bigger world than I’d imagined and a great group of people.  Truls, whom I do not know other than seeing his signature on message board posts, linked to my last post on Pulsed Tig-welding in the Framebuilders Google group and it received more views than I’ve ever gotten on one post in a matter of hours.  Some great builders commented and I posted their thoughts in the comments section of the post.  Anyways, I hope some of you just finding me will find me interesting enough to stick around!

On to frame #13 which I’m keeping for myself since I’m superstitious (although the one race I was randomly assigned number plate #13 I won, so it’s totally unfounded).  I love the new frame fixture. Everything is just DIALED! It has easier access to the BB on the backside than the Access 65 did.  The head tube access is a bit less, but really not bad at all.  I manged to tack pretty easily the backside (non-driveside in this fixture) of the frame, and weld all but three passes in the fixture.  I mirrored the un-welded backside passes on the driveside side of the front triangle just to keep it equal.  It still is way easier to weld outside of the fixture on the Park stand attached to my welding table, but I’d like to be able to weld most of the frame without taking it out of the fixture.  It’s just going to take a couple frames to get used to how it rotates around to get it in a good position to see each joint close up and get good torch access. Welding in the fixture is a goal, but definitely not necessary.  It does take on a different process if you want to truly do it the way Anvil recommends (never take the tubes out of the fixture until you check alignment after the chainstays are in).

Even with two double espressos my welds didn’t turn out too bad. I was definitely a little over-caffeinated and shaky. But for the first frame using this fixture and trying to weld it all IN the fixture, i’m happy.  I could’ve had some better consistency had I removed the tacked frame from the fixture to weld but I’m trying to weld in the fixture and get better frame alignment to reduce the ‘need’ for second passes.



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