Welded dropouts and BB shots

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Got to the welding the chainstays to the dropouts and bottom bracket tonight and it went well! One pass and all looks good.  Next, I’ll ream & face the BB shell, and then check the alignment of the front triangle and chainstays and see if I need to lay another pass somewhere. I would REALLY like everything to be sub-1mm accuracy so I don’t have to though.  Just on the welding side, this frame is looking good and it’s funny what making yourself weld in the frame fixture does — once you weld out of the jig it’s so much easier and faster.  The test wheel with a 2.4″ tire fits just fine with 5mm or so on either side for clearance.

The effective chainstay length with the sliders pushed fully forward is just about 424mm (I planned for 425mm but…well, that was covered in the last blog post).  There’s plenty of room and the sliders are never fully forward anyways. Singlespeed, Rohloff, or I could even swap the sliders for one with a derailleur hanger if I wanted.  I like how you can change your chainstay length up to around 2 cm. Not sure I’ll ever really DO it but sounds cool.  Going on a tour? Slide ’em back. Regular MTB action? Push if all the way forward! Of course, the chain lengths available may limit that flexibility but hey…

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