Frame 13 painted and done!

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A few photos of the finished product, more later when it’s in its natural habitat (singletrack). I tried a new type of paint and really dig it.  Blue f’ing sparkles baby! It’s a MUCH thicker rattle-can paint than anything else I’ve tried, so will hopefully resist scratches better.  The one major downfall of rattlecan is that it’s completely not durable to anything.  You just look at it wrong and its gone. But the metal flakes in this one appear to give it some greater durability and definitely added some depth the paint, to a lesser degree than a powdercoat but same idea.

The paint is Duplicolor Metal Specks and it comes in blue, red, orange, and gold i think…maybe more colors too.  It’s very old school-esque with its sparkly complexion.  I primed the frame after cleaning it with a wire brush and a 300-grit emery, used an acyrlic clear over the top and will soon place the Kinkos die-cut vinyl sticker over the clear-on-bare-steel downtube section. I just taped that blank section off with some blue painter’s tape and peeled off before the clear coat.  We’ll see how it holds up but I don’t care if it gets some surface rust.

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