We have landed in CA

I don’t usually talk about “normal” things on this blog, but this one’s a biggie.  You’ll be seeing some different scenery and shop photos from now on.  We have made a big move 1000 miles west from Colorado to northern California. We did it to be closer to our families who are getting older and ailing more each year.  We will miss Colorado and all the friends we’ve made throughout the years. There’s no place like it.  But also, after 20 years in the same place, I’m excited to explore a new place. I still didn’t do lots of things I wanted to in Colorado, but I’ll never say that of anyplace.

Western States Trail heading west from town

We stumbled upon a place, first seeing the property on the realtor websites but being too costly.  It didn’t sell after two years, and after dropping significantly, we paid more attention to it since the town came recommended by a friend who loves the area and runs the WS100.  The town is kinda similar to Ned, but totally different in habitat.  It’s a small town of 1500 called Foresthill about 1.5 hours north of Sacramento, a half-hour northeast of Auburn.  It’s on a “divide” a couple thousand feet elevation higher than the two forks of the American River it’s between.  It’s sandwiched between the Auburn State Recreation Area to the southwest, with its many miles of singletrack rolling through oak woodlands, and the big pines of the Tahoe National Forest to the northeast, that is…massive.  The TNF goes from Foresthill to Lake Tahoe and beyond, including places like Downieville.  So there’s a bunch of public land with trails to explore.  It’s ‘only’ around 3400ft elevation (compared to previously being at 8400ft) so not as much snow and cold in the winter, but I’ll still be skiing and fatbiking close to home since the Foresthill road closes a few miles from my house, and the Forest Service packs the road with a snowcat (paid for by 4×4 user fees).  In summer, Foresthill road can be taken all the way to Tahoe via dirt roads and singletrack – such as the Western States Trail.  There are some interesting endurance events to look forward to for me here and lots or riding to be had – the Tahoe Sierra 100 is my race goal starting on Donner Pass and ending in Auburn, going through Foresthill along the way!  A point to point 100 miler!? How sick is that! And of course, riding from home and around Lake Tahoe on the Tahoe Rim Trail will be a sweet tour.

I’m going to have some more downtime from the blog though, moving in mentally and physically is a bit rough. But the new shop is awesome.  The previous owner was a machinist and engineer and set this up as his retirement shop…so I’m a very lucky camper.

To be added to, here’s a photo album to check out of the pics I’ve taken so far.

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  1. Whit, have fun exploring. I used to ride near there when I was at Davis going to school. We’d head up on weekends and do some great rides. We had one ride in particular that started down at the bottom of 193 (old foresthill) at 49. We’d ride up river next to the river, climb up, and then traverse back down river high above it. This was back in the late 80’s/early 90’s before bikes were an “issue.” I am pretty sure that trail became closed to bikes but who knows, perhaps it is open again in our enlightened age. My brother was lived in Grass Valley for 20+ years….so many great trails in that area. Enjoy.

    1. Thanks Dave! I’m looking forward to truly getting lost again and not knowing which way is west. Sounds like you were somewhere in the Auburn Rec Area so many years ago? They have a ‘downhill’ trail there that goes down from FH road to the river called Confluence that maybe is it? http://www.fatrac.org/node/639
      Shoot me a line when you’re out visiting your brother in GV. It’d be awesome to ride together!

  2. wow… looks great Whit… that shop and property are sweet!!! so many epics to be had… you may be riding more than building?!?! look up Tim Pratt and Heidi Askew!!! both GV locals!!!

    cant wait to visit…..

    We rented a cabin in dollar point 1/17-21…… lets make some turns!


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