MRP 28t Bling Ring raddery

I got a tip from Walt that the new MRP Bling Ring rocks, and yes, it does. I’m a big of 1x drivetrains, if not 1×1, then at least a single ring in front for MTB and cyclocross. It’s awesome that there are soon to be several options for such a setup in mountain and cross is even getting a special ring although racers have been running 1x for well over a decade.
The Bling Ring i got is the 28t version. It’s chainline is about 51mm chainline (not my measurment) whereas running a 32t on the outer ring of a 104BCD crank is about 54mm.  Because there’s no chainring bolts to stick out you get more chainstay clearance due to that as well. The ring is only a little bit relieved towards the BB which shortens the chainline a bit more.  The small diameter 28t helps the mostly with shorter chainstay frames or when you have hugeass tires and the chainstays are outboard just at the right place to conflict with the ring’s space.
My issues with the 435mm chainstay Knard bike chainline have been written about previously but I think this is as good as it gets on this frame. There’s only about 2mm (at most) clearance between the ring and the chainstay but that’s all I need.  I was hating the 32t for the steep-ass climbs out of the rivers here, i could barely stay on top of the bike in the 32×36 gear but now it should be no problem.  Never need a big ring so a 28×11 is just fine with me.  The setup also lost a bit of weight because of a gifted Bontrager Giga X Pipe *carbon* crankset and a nice Chris King BB.
The MRP rings fits on any newer model SRAM X9 or XX, or similar GXP crankset.  Three little TX25 bolts hold the ring to the cranks somehow. Not confidence inspiring but I put some loctite on there and I can always stash an extra bolt or three in my pack in case of emergency.
One note, it doesn’t have the alternating wider teeth to help keep the chain on like XX1 does, or the upcoming Wolftooth Components ring. But with the clutch/type 2 rear derailleur, i doubt I’ll need any help keeping the chain on, we’ll see.

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