Bikepacking gear – test ride

it’s hard to get the bike to lean up against anything with being so top heavy!

In getting prepared for my upcoming tour around Lake Tahoe this summer, I took out my rig packed up like it’ll be on the tour with Timmy.  We were supposed to go this week but because I hadn’t ridden much over the last few weeks because of The Virus so we rescheduled.

This is frame #13 loaded up with about 17lbs of stuff including packs and two water bottles, tarptent, sleeping bag and pad, water filter, stove, clothes, food, etc.  I tend to pack heavy so i wanted to make sure I get used to what that means on the trail as the bike handles way differently.  More pressure in the shock and tires, go into corners slower, and be more cautious in general.  The prep plan calls for riding like this more often on trails so when the tour happens it’s not a shocker to the body.  This will be my first bikepacking trip since the 2009 tour to SSWC in Durango and it should be a great one.  More later on the route and schwag geekery as it approaches.

The recent rain made it feel super lush even though it’s been excessively hot.

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