Russell’s bike in its natural habitat

Built up and rollin the trails of Ned! I love to see the built up shots and get this type of feedback:

“Four rides in….initial stream of thoughts:

-I like how it corners, you really nailed the slack/nimble feel of G2. It responds nicely to the lean and holds a line. It sets up and slashes apexes very similar to my other bikes.

-The handling has me confused, it feels short and light up front and in my head I think it’ll be nervous on the high-speed downs but it’s not. It feels stable and ready to go.

-It’s stiffer than I imagined—that tucked in rear wheel really sends every hit right up the seat post.  (16.5″ actual CS length)

-It wheelies! 

It rides unlike any 29er I’ve ever ridden. And that is awesome!!!

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