Today in the shop

Some process photos from today in the shop. Working on my new fatbike…more details later.

A good hole saw is so so nice. No post-filing at all. That is rare for me.
Internal housing. This still gives me the heebees.
finished hole. Using a 5/16 end mill for the center, 1/4″ end mill for the sides. Helps the brass tube fit at such an extreme angle as it exits the tube.
This went surprisingly fast and smooth. The 1/4″ brass tubes are much easier to use than the 9/32″ tubes.
just drilling a breather
This was the 3rd cut on this hole saw on ‘normal’ and then BAM…a Supertherm downtube breaks off some teeth. It wasn’t even that out of round.
Facing the arbor side of an “Ultra” hole saw. This one was out of round too (aren’t they all?).
Step 1 of my new high tech way of finding the miter angle on bent tubes. SHH, super secret dude.
Step 2: after zeroing the angle finder on one of the tubes, check the angle on the other and there you have the miter angle (or actually if you subtract that from 90 you have it). Works like a charm.
Front triangle all mitered up. Seat tube welded to BB and with a fused collar in there, h20 and breather holes drilled, a good day in the shop.

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    1. Thanks! It will fit the Surly Bud/Lou tire combo. I’m waiting on a 190 Borealis rear hub/Fatback 135 front on Clown Shoe wheelset. I’m trying something different with the rear end, we’ll see how it turns out. Then I can measure up the tires and post, but for now I’ll trust the Surly tire specs on their blog. My Rolling Darryl wheelset is in use and I just can’t muster up the motivation to swap tires just to measure them up on RD’s.

      1. I look forward to see what you come up with!
        I’m also trusting Surly’s numbers, as I don’t have the wheels and the tires yet. Please post the measurments once you get the wheelset.

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