American fire burned the trees.
This pic makes it look somewhat pleasant out there.

I set a wildlife camera up at the last place I saw a lost dog to see if I could capture a photo of her.  It’s been over 2 weeks since she took off from her dad’s campsite at Mumford Bar (this is not my dog). He’s been up there a lot but hasn’t found her, just some tracks in the snow. On a cross ride last week I saw her walking on the road about 4 miles farther from the campsite and away from town, probably over 10 miles from any house. She’s in the middle of nowhere. When she turned and saw me she bolted into the woods and kept running at full speed.
Not sure how many locals read this blog if any, but if you’re in the area keep an eye out. Her name is Kali.

This just doesn’t do the spray justice. That “THE” fender was pretty ineffective.

So today I rode up on the eFat to swap memory cards in the camera and see how the conditions were.  Not good. Two nights ago it snowed 6″ or so, it’s been raining ever since.  We’ve received about 3″ (of rain) a day for the last two days. It was 35 degrees up there and it was raining in Tahoe too, I can only hope it was snowing on the higher peaks.  This is some damn weird winter weather.  Snow then rain then snow then rain? WTF? Makes for some horrific fatbike riding. The local boys were out in force with their trucks plowing a doubletrack which made it rideable for me, but in each track was a river of water.  The low spots were hub-deep ponds of partially frozen water and the fatbike pontoons made for some fun hydroplaning.  I stayed warm, if wet, but man…that was ugly.  Still better than the trainer.

I retrieved the memory card and there were no photos of Kali or anything for that matter.  Smart wildlife, stay covered until this tropical winter storm ends.

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