2 Rides – Truckee & Auburn

Some pics of two recent rides.  Not much to report from the shop but should have some fabrication shots soon. The greenery of the area around my house is at its max with poison oak making up a big portion of it especially on the Foresthill Divide loop and the drop out of Deadwood on the Western States Trail.  Got to ride with a couple of super nice people the other day — my neighbor Rod and his business partner Dale.  We met at Driver’s Flat and rode back to their shop (via Foresthill Divide, Connector, Culvert, Confluence, Stagecoach) to pick up my car and shuttle us back up the hill.  It’s “all downhill” but it is actually almost 3K of climbing along the way (according to Garmin at least) over the 30 miles.  In keeping with getting my ass kicked by my elders in California, Dale continued that trend but at least he did it on a sweet Retrotec! Look at the paint job, he did it himself! If you’re looking for wet paint on your upcoming Meriwether frame let me know, Dale’s up to the task.

Another day had a short ride on Llyod’s loop in Truckee. I love the riding in Truckee, reminds me of Colorado. The 29+ is my only MTB right now and that’s not a bad thing. Occasionally I would like front suspension so that’ll be remedied soon.  Not sure what fork to get though, thinking of the Fox Talas 120/100mm so it doesn’t raise the front too much on this big-wheeled bike (a 29+ should really be called a “30’er” or maybe a “31’er” if you like to round up).

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  1. I like the 120/95mm Talas, although the jury is out about the travel adjust feature. I am putting it to the test when I think of it, but mostly it stays at 120mm. However, if I left it at 95mm I’d probably be happy too.

    I might consider a Float next time for simplicity, but this was readily available to me at the time. In all, it is a great fork. I also serviced Lael’s Reba the other day and removed both travel spacers, so she’s rolling on 120mm too.

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