Global Fatbike Day, Reno style

I joined the Nevada Fatbike group’s ride today to celebrate GLOBAL fatbike day outside Reno on some trails around Dry Pond and Whites Creek. About 15 or so showed up on a balmy 55-degree mostly sunny day, most of us overdressed…at least I was. I think snow when I fatbike so dress appropriately. But today i was very inappropriate.

Shawn put together a sweet ride where just a few days prior 7″ of snow had fallen.  Unfortunately, most of that had melted away but the upper reaches of the trail still had a few inches of snow cover and were screaming fun singletrack descents.  I took some random photos of the day. I almost caught Shawn mid-air off a kicker but…i snapped it a bit too soon. I rarely ride my fatbike on dirt and the lower swoopy trail was all tacky dirt…and wow, i gotta do that more often. The cornering traction is insane. Great to meet all you guys and hope we can ride again soon!

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