Not NAHBSing


The handbuilt bike show is only a short distance from my shop but i’m not going to have a booth this year. I will, however, be walking the floor Saturday and saying hello to builders and seeing their great bike builds.  I’ll be the only blond haired and balding skinny white guy wearing a Meriwether shirt so if you’re there stop me and say hi!

I’ll be attending as many talks as possible from the likes of Steve Potts, Tom Ritchey, Brad Bingham, and more. Always more to learn and who would pass up two legends?!

The show is always fun to attend but a crapload of work and money to have a booth. I’ll be back to present another year, but in the meantime if you want to follow my builds head over to Instagram where I’ll be building some pretty neat bikes in the upcoming months including an asymetric chainstay 29er, Titanium all-mountain klunker (Sierra Scrambler in Ti), and version 2 of a low standover fatbike that fits 5″ studded tires.


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