Steve’s Ti allrounder

Ok I guess this is a gravel bike? I can’t seem to get myself to call this style bike a “Gravel” bike. It just doesn’t accurately describe what it’s built to do.  Rivendell had a model called the Allrounder many years ago and I always wanted one as a 20-something retrogrouch in Boulder. To me “Allrounder” more accurately describes this style bike.  Not the same as a Hybrid – another term i just can’t stand referring to a cross between a cross bike and mountain bike or something even more vague(?) – the allrounder is built to handle roads of all types and smooth trails, touring with gear, commuting in all weather, whatever you choose to do with it is up to you.  Steve sold his beloved Rivendell to buy this new Ti bike so the pressure was on to make him happy with that choice.

We’re all influenced by different builders and perspectives and this style bike to me is inspired by Grant’s XO-1, the Allrounder, Atlantis, but also Titanium builds from Steve Potts and Moots.  Sprinkle in the new carbon fork with bottle cage or rack attachments, flexibility to fit bigger tires, through axles and disc brakes, and a special blend geometry, and you have a different beast that is pretty much a quiver-killer.

Steve wanted a little more road bike in his version of the allrounder so we steepened the head tube angle a bit to quicken the steering and keep it a great climbing bike with the fatter tires, made it 2×11, and added a pump peg.  Steve’s a tall guy and there are no carbon forks with long steerer tubes. Thankfully Rodeo Labs was kind enough to make the Spork with an extra long steerer tube (400mm from 350 stock) so we could get the bars high enough and not use over 40mm of spacers under the stem.  It’s difficult to get a big bike to look proportional and ‘normal’ but i think we did a pretty good job.

The buildup of parts is beautiful in my humble opinion and easily serviceable and reliable.  Chris King matte bourbon R45 centerlock hubs laced to the new White Industries G25a rims, Rene Herse Snoqualmie Pass 700×44 endurance casing tires, Rene Herse fenders, Rodeo Spork carbon fork, King T47 BB and inset 7 headset, White Industries G30 cranks with a 48/32 ring combo on 180mm crankarms, ENVE layback seatpost, Paul flat-mount Klampers, Shimano Ultegra brifters and derailleurs, Selle Anatomica H2 saddle, and Simworks alloy bars. Total weight with fenders and pedals is 25.3lbs.


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