Doug’s fade to black

Doug was one of the first to buy a Meriwether Metallica shirt and thanks to Covid-cash a year or so later put down a deposit on a Ti gravel frame. He had a pretty solid idea of what he wanted for geometry and fit, wanting to improve upon his current bike and get it made in space metal for the perfect his do-it-all rig. The term Allrounder describes these style bikes so much better than Gravel in my opinion…but no matter….these style bikes are made for long diverse rides. For Doug, I imagine them starting on pavement with a bit of urban assault, making their way using paths and side roads to the dirt in the hills, crossing big bridges to link into fire roads in the watershed, a bit of singletrack, dirt, and pavement before returning home.

Unlike most (all?) gravel bikes his does not have flat-mount brakes, he prefers post-mount and is using cable-actuated hydraulic brakes. Bosses for fenders and a rack since he plans to ride the bike year round and use it to camp beside the Redwoods. The paint was done by Colorworks in Oregon, brushed Ti fading from blue to black at the head tube with polished downtube decals and headbadge. Get it? Fade to Black. He had parts to transfer from his previous bike but added some bling with matching ano in the cassette, chainring, as well as a Eriksen Sweetpost with a blue clamp. Only second in my book to orange and raw Ti, this blue and Ti is pretty sharp!

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