Carrie’s 650 gravel bike

Building smaller frames is a challenge and one of the best reasons for people go custom. Seems like most my customers are at the ends of the bell curve on height. For the smaller frames especially standover matters and steepening seat tube angle actually does something more than check that box on the latest trend. Have to watch out for toe overlap with big tires. Each piece of the puzzle is harder to design around and clearances are harder to clear on smaller frames. Like Ilsina’s Mtn frame, but in gravel form, Carrie’s frame uses 650/27.5″ wheels as the wheel size, and although it could fit a 700×28 that’s not what this bike is designed around. With her saddle height it fits a slammed 100mm dropper post for a clean functional look. Carbon hoops and the light but voluminous Ultradynamico tires roll fast. This is built for the plush-lyfe tire size, meant to offer pneumatic suspension on the endless dirt roads of Nevada County, CA.

She knew just what she was after with the finishwork and Blackmagic Paint did a stellar job of making it a reality. The fork, stem, and frame are blended together seamlessly in a rootbeer float kind of theme with a cherry on top (the “Meriwether” is bright pink). The build has a lot of NorCal on it with White Industries G30 cranks, headset, and BB, Paul’s Boxcar stem, and a Phil Wood seat tube collar. Shimano GRX shifter bits with the left lever controlling the PNW internal dropper post. YouBetBikes in Nevada City did the build up right! I was happy to hear she did her longest ride to date with the bike on the 100 mile course of the Lost and Found and said she was comfy the whole time.

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