For the second time in a month my Instagram account was suspended because it doesn’t follow their community guidelines… no warning just gone. No clue why. The first time I disagreed and some emailed apologizing for the mistake. The second time they asked for a verification selfie holding a piece of paper with my name, Instagram handle, and a random number they sent. Since I still have bikes to share with customers I abided and they denied me. Again, no clue why and how I violated the community guidelines. So I’m out, you’ll have to come to read my blog to see what I’m up to and building like the old days.

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  1. Just like my favorite podcasts, I am always stoked to see the next dream bike you are building. Post wherever you want. No Meta just bikes.

  2. Ay good on ya! Insta was where I found ya Whit and you’ll be missed there. But glad to be following along here and keen to see what’s next, no matter where ya post it!

  3. Sounds like they’re trying to establish facial recognition or something sinister. I would bail on it too. Hope that doesn’t hurt business for you at all – can’t imagine it would.

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