Unicrown welds

First unicrown fork is coming together, slowly but surely.  Getting more skiing done than fabrication lately.  The snow has just been great!

Tonight i got the legs welded.  The first pass was without the pulser and the second pass was with the pulser (set at 94 peak amps, 24 low, 45%, 1 HZ).  The welds are some of my best for sure but I still need a lot of practice.  My tips for learning peeps? Get the miters perfect with no light gaps, deburr, file the peaks down, use emery cloth them after cleaning them as best you can inside and out, and practice as much as you can.

I probably shouldn’t admit this, but I also learned of a new button on my Thermal Arc TIG welder today…the remote button.  It was set to OFF this whole time, so even though the foot pedal started the high frequency start, it wouldn’t regulate the amps – it was either on or off! So i just pushed the button to the “on” setting and voila’! No wonder i couldn’t pulse manually! DUH…!!!!  I can’t believe I didn’t figure that out sooner.  What a total moron! I’m really bad at reading directions, I just have to learn by trial and error. I guess I ended up learning the hard way…? Now I can control the heat SO much better and taper off the heat so i don’t get a crater in the puddle when I stop.  Wow…what a difference.  That…and I also got a size 9 air-cooled torch instead of the stock size 17.  The smaller size lessens fatigue and makes a big difference with welding around tight spots.  It’s all coming together finally.  I still have lots of details to figure out, like ending a pass and starting one up better, so there’s not any dimples in the stacked coin look…so any advice from anyone out there would be much appreciated.  Next step, the crown race, then the disc brake mount, then…  yeah, now i realize why nobody makes forks – they take longer than you’d think to make.  But, I love rigid forks so I definitely plan to make them.

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