1st (solo) 29er front triangle is mitered

the full front triangle in the jig

Finished up mitering the front triangle tonight. The mill got it close, but in an effort to not mess up more tubes than I need to…i measured twice and (under) cut once…and filed each tube for a long, long time.  It’s good practice if nothing else.  File, check, file, check, to infinity…kinda meditative really.

I’m realizing the first frame is a bit like the first time having sex.  You don’t really know what you’re doing but you pretty much know how to do it. You learn along the way.  You have practiced LOTS, have great hand strength, but never put it all together to do what those tubes were meant to do. There is one major exception to my analogy though…your first frame takes FOREVER.

the BB miters turned out ok for so much overlap
Headtube miters

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