Sweet custom head tubes!

A buddy, who I’ve somehow and sadly never even met in person, Brother Wolfe, sent me a few custom head tubes from his shop in Oregon.  He makes frames and is co-owner of D-Street Cycles and also miters for Bronto Bikes, both out of Oregon.  We somehow met over the internets many years ago and have both recently entered the world of framebuilding.

The head tubes are standard 1-1/8″ sized head tubes (37mm outer diameter) but are way nicer than the tubes I’ve been using.  I have just been using normal straight gauge from Henry James cut to size and faced with my cheap(er) IceToolz reamer/facer tool.  I don’t have a lathe so can’t get creative with that type of stuff yet.  So, when these arrived I was totally psyched.  I love the smooth transition away from the center — how they’re functional and aesthetic at the same time.  Makes me want to get a lathe and start fabricating my own! Anyway, thanks Scott!!

The longer one (150mm) is for an upcoming cross frame and the other two (120mm) will be for mountain bikes.

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