Facelift for MC#1

It may be some time before I make myself another 29er so I dismantled, cleaned, wire-brushed, primed, and painted my 1st frame.  Looking at my work along the way, I was surprised how far my welding has come in comparison to this first frame…and surprised I haven’t cracked it yet! It’s rough…but still going strong.

My first cross bike back in 1995 was a Merckx-orange Nobillette made in nearby Longmont, CO.  I loved that bike.  I also had a bright orange Ionic Johnny Rotten singlespeed with a sweet Fat Chance rigid fork on it for many years. I loved that bike even more.  Only fits that I paint this frame orange. Plus it’s the start of hunting season here in the Rockies…! Stay safe out there!

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  1. My old orange Ionic Johnny Rotten single speed with Chris Chance rigid fork has been sent to Africa with Mike’s Bikes program – Bikes for Africa. It’s either winning races or delivering chickens right now!

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