Frame 7 done

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This ‘paint’ job is my favorite so far. It’s really just Rustoleum primer for heavily rusted metal.  I just liked the color so didn’t paint over it. It’s a mix between the old Surly brown on their cross-check and the Maverick brown they had on their bikes and forks.  This iphone photo doesn’t capture it too well but once I get it built up i’ll take some more shots.  I’m building the fork for it now. It’s a probably too light cross fork so I’ll just be the one to ‘test’ it out, but this frame has just been one struggle after another.  Good thing about steel – it fatigues and cracks before it fails…unlike carbon.  I know it’s Ti, but i had a Moots YBB that i didn’t know was cracked (under the BB shell at the Chainstays) until I tried to sell it after racing on it two years.   Point is, #7 is probably going to last a long time even though the seatstays are not perfect and got overheated when I was fillet brazing them to the seat tube.

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