Lining up frame #11

I’m not done with number 10 yet but it’s very very close. Just putting the finishing touches on the monstercross or Fatcross frame and fork and then it’ll be done! It turned out pretty nice and I have lots to share once I post pictures in the next day or two.  But until then, I just got shipment of some parts for the next frame – T’s Super-Fatbike “the Choad”.  It’s going to be a Moonlander-sized frame that’ll fit the Surly Clownshoe wheels with Big Fat Larrys on it.  Instead of using the Moonlander geometry though we’re going to try out the 9:zero:7 geometry with longer chainstays (467mm).  Other than the base geometry, the frame will look nothing like any other Fatbike.

The biggest wheels and tires and a fatty White Bros carbon fork in the house!

It’s going to be extremely ‘custom’ in the way only T can be.  I hope I can live up to the creativity exuding from his brain on this frame design.  The wheelset comes from Curiak at lacemine29 and they look and feel sweet!  The rims are massive – 100mm wide and meant to fit the BFL’s which are 4.7″ wide tires.  Freaking awesome.

I heard that a friend at a prominent shock maker calls Fatbikes “the recumbent of the mountain bike world” but he’s obviously never ridden one.  It’s funny because i always felt that suspension, and especially DH bikes, were the recumbent of mtb’s! No not really, but I do have that retrogrouch gene in me.

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