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Holy crap i’m still tired. A Sunday ride, off-the-couch more or less and down to see some friends in Colorado Springs (the Frozelaps & Dougie) to go for a lil ‘local loop’.  What an awesome ride of almost 5 hours from downtown.  We got back (me partially bonking) and grabbed some burritoes before driving back home.

BobB and Heyride at hour 4.5 departing Red Rocks Park

If you stay tuned for the entire video, you’ll see it was all dry, dusty even, at up at 8000ft! It’s freaking March 18th…kinda scary but we’ll take it!  Heyride was riding frame #6, me on frame #5 with a new-to-me carbon Lefty (scary seeming but really smooth travel!), BobB (the Ned of Ned) on his new Superfly 100, Greg on his aluminum Orbea 29er, and Dougie on an 8 yr old Yeti aluminum team bike (26er).  We’re told that they rarely ride hardtails down in the Springs anymore, so Sunday’s ride was a treat.  Great to hang and get the local beta and a tour…i’ve been meaning to get down there for a long time to visit and ride, and it was worth the short 2 hour drive.  Thanks guys!

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