T’s fatbike photo wallpaper and TK’s front triangle is mitered

Check out this LINK for the “wallpaper” of T on Molas Pass with the fabike I made.  Here’s the link if you’re interested in more pictures of the build and the “why”.  It’s definitely a franken-fatbike but it answered some questions we had about how frame stiffness, & crank/heel/chainstay/tire clearances.  The next ‘prototype’ is already being pondered. Fun stuff!

mitered and braze-ons attached, ready to miter a bigger downtube...

Slow progress on TK’s 29er touring machine as I just haven’t had the time to spend on it yet.  Also, after waking up in a cold sweat the other night, I’ve decided to scrap the 35mm downtube and replace it with the next size up 38mm downtube of the same style.  Probably a non-issue, but with only 11 frames under my belt, i want to be safer than sorry and not have my buddy stuck out on the trail with a broken downtube!  So…the 38mm downtube it is.  It will increase overall frame strength and stiffness for a bike that will be weighted down with gear doing a couple big MTB tours a year, and TK is a good rider that will put this bike through its paces.  More work for me, but you really can never get enough practice mitering.


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