Crust riding

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Still able to get out on the fatbike but there’s definitely a LOT less snow to speak of right now. Riding a fatbike on dirt is really fun though, very tractor-like, where you get 2+ inches of travel just from the tire pressure alone. Usually on April 9th, there’d be a ton more, but since it didn’t snow this March (at all) we are a tad (LOTS) low on snowcover. But the crust riding is awesome if you get up early enough to enjoy it before it gets slushy.  It’s still hit or miss depending on whether the snow was packed down by just settling (not so good sometimes) or if a snowmobile or snowshoers packed it down (best). I went over the bars at least 2 times when my front wheel hit a soft spot on the downhill.  It’s funny how the south facing slopes are just dry, even dusty, and there are massive drifts on the northfacing slopes (pictures show it best above).

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