1 year of building frames

It’s been one year to the day when I finished my first solo frame in my garage.

Frame #1 looks pretty good from afar!

It was a 29er suspension adjusted frame that had a few holes burned through while welding the tubes.  From the below photo, you can see I didn’t move fast enough while welding, overheated the tubes, and well…just kinda clunked through it. But it is still alive and well even if I’m not riding it anymore.  It’s now hanging on my shop wall as an indication of where I started and how far I’ve come in 1 year.

um...frame 1's head tube welds are not so pretty up close...
Frame #11's head tube welds look MUCH better!

Now for the latest frame.  I’m averaging only about 1 frame a month because i’m working on them in my free time only.  TK’s frame is coming along and here are a few pics of what’s been going on.

My brazing is much cleaner now! Minutes instead of hours to clean up just the dropouts.
Paragon low-mount dropouts (low refers to the disc caliper mount on the chainstays instead of the seat stays).
Miters look tight, but the paper test tells all. I still hand file to finish up most all my miters.
The life-size drawing of the wishbone stays going on TK's frame. The tubing steps down from the top from 1" to 3/4"for the crown pieces and I use 16mm x 0.6mm wall seat stays for the legs.

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