Henry James Access 65 frame jig – SOLD!

UPDATE 5/11 = Jig is Sold.

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I am selling my Access 65 frame fixture.  It is a about 16 months old which makes it’s ‘birth’ circa the fall of 2010.  I would hugely prefer to sell it locally (Colorado, or northern California since I will be moving there this summer).  I’d also like to sell it with the Top Tube Support, and the Bridge & Boss Jig – two items I can’t see living without with this jig.  They are not necessary, but really help fixture things when mitering and fitting tubes, and when tacking the frame together.  Retail for this all would cost $3130.  It was a little cheaper a year ago but not by much. The fixture comes stock with: (1) the “Universal Axle” with its flathead screwdriver for width adjustment (an adjustable rear axle that goes from 100 to over 140mm), (2) a special ruler that is used to measure the head tube height to set up the jig from the drawing and check actual chainstay length, (3) three HJ-supplied allen keyes for all the jig adjustments (5, 6, 8mm), and (4) the original instruction manual.

  • I would like to get $2100 for everything but will sell just the frame jig (separately from the top tube support and/or the bridge & boss jig) for $1800.
  • If you just want the top tube support by itself I will sell it for $100 (retail is $140).
  • If you just want the bridge & boss jig I will sell it for $200 (retail is $290 if you already have the Universal Axle).

Everything is in excellent shape as I’ve only built 12 bikes with this frame fixture and only 4 of them I tack-brazed the dropouts in the fixture.

This is an awesome jig but I need to sell it. It has amazing access for TIG and brazing, and experienced welders should be able to weld the entire frame in the fixture.

I get more hits on this blog from people searching out info on this frame jig than anything else, so I’m assuming if you’re reading this you already have seen my previous posts on how it works and all that.  If not, click this for a start but there are other posts with pictures and comments as well.

I’ll ship this fixture to wherever but it’ll cost you what it costs me to ship it.  It’s over 65lbs and will take some time for me to make a plywood box to protect it during shipping.

Click here to contact me if you’re interested. I will give priority to people able/willing to pick it up or meet me somewhat locally (Denver area).  So if you are not local, I will put you on the backburner until I wait a month or so to see if I can get a local buyer.  If you think these are unfair prices, make an offer.  Thanks for reading.

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