Back to work

TK’s wishbone stays with the caps brazed on.

A week or two off of shop work. Moved a big truckload of stuff out to the new house in the new town and am absolutely psyched on the new shop…it’s immense…i don’t deserve it!  But I hope to grow into the space by turning ‘Pro’ with this framebuilding gig in 2013.  I think I may have to build a mini-skate ramp in there too as it rains a bunch there in winter.  I am a very lucky human. We’re pretty out there in the woods, but hey, that’s nothing new for this hermit. The new town has such a mellow relaxed vibe to it, I’m going to give it the nickname “Mayberry”. The hardware store just feels like I’m going to run into Gomer Pyle and Andy.

Anyways, still finishing TK’s Tour29er and the wishbone seat stays are finally complete! I have more braze-ons to add (this bike has probably 2 lbs of braze-ons!) for a rear pannier rack, as well as just the rear derailleur cable stops and brake hose cradles, but I think it’ll be done with another few hours in the shop.  It’s funny the things you see when taking pictures close-up.  Always room for improvement even though I’m pretty happy with how these stays turned out.  I’m now 100% sure they take too long to make when you account for all the caps and cleanup of the caps, but I like how they look still.

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