Steel*Wool ride

Getting ready to move 1200 miles has made for a busy spring painting rooms, boxing up the shop and clothes and other crap I’ve kept in my possession for the last 21 years in Colorado. I don’t get out to ride much to say the least. Once a week at most. So when Mrs. Meriwether surprisingly stated that we only have 14 more days here in Colorado…well, that hit home. Whoa…that is close!  Let’s enjoy it as much as we can while we’re still here.

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The Thursday night Steel*Wool rides have been going on without me obviously but I made a big effort to join in last night’s ride. We all woke up to a sunny/snow mix and 33 degrees, and a weird spring day kept going with it finally clearing up in the afternoon. I rode from home the few miles to Tinshed and found BobB, MT, Toopa, Gorbet, and the Coach outside around the firepit with BigDaddy and KPOW soaking in the warmth.  We waited for Heyride to close up shop.  I ordered a pre-ride Modus Hoperandi (on tap there) and sad beside talking about various things.  I can tell this will be a sweet summer hangout pre & post rides. It’ll be, or already is, a fixture of Nederland.

We began out of town and the mile to the SugarMag trail, then on up to Hobbit, Roots, down Judd’s over to Creekside, and over to Lookout and back down the bermed turns of SugarMag home.  The trails were perfectly tacky from the rain on Wedneday and the morning snow. We stopped at the Cabin up top for the mandatory beers where we compiled two Pliney the Elders, one Stone IPA, and well, i can’t remember what others.  I sat in sap, again, making me stick to my seat and the grass I sat on.  Sappy grassy ass.  I’m going to miss these rides, but mostly I’ll miss these friends. Cheers all!

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