Hiatus from building

Busy moving, no framebuilding of any sort. I don’t have a frame fixture anyhow anymore!

The shop is all moved out to the new house and it’ll likely be another month before I even get it set up enough to miter a tube to weld. I already feel sorry for the friends on my waitlist even though I make no money from this! It’ll be awhile longer before anyone, including me, sees a frame.

I’m going to make frame #13 for myself. I’ll have a new frame fixture to get used to (Anvil JMan3.1) and some skills to brush up on after a couple of months off. The frame and fork will be a 29er touring machine with Paragon sliders for a Rohloff internally geared hub. My current MTB is frame #5 and although just fine, I want a new bike to ride the new terrain out in Norcal. One I can tour around Tahoe on and run single or geared. One with no derailleurs – ever – and internally routed cables. All this will help combat all the rain I’ll see next winter. The new place got more rain this past March than my current place averages each year! But I’m already really excited for the new trails and exploration on hand. The maps are out and I’m scheming a fall tour using parts of the Western States and Tahoe Rim Trails. I may even head to a local 50-mile race if I can get enough miles in the legs before October. Now if I can just find time to ride…


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