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It’s nothing special, but I had Kinkos/FedEx do a set of custom decals. I did 10 vinyl die-cut and 10 regular vinyl decals to see how they’d look as far as font, size and how long they’d last on the frame. The vinyl isn’t ideal, and seems somewhat thicker than it should be for a frame decal, but it’s a good cheap way to do a set of stickers to hold me over while i figure out what the other options are (without doing a minimum order of 200 with a shop that does this full time). Just FYI, all said and done it was around $30. The alternative was a minimum order of 100 stickers from a company that specializes in this type of thing but I’m not ready for that yet.

The font I tooled around with in Inkscape is called “Velocette”. The letters run together so FedEx couldn’t figure out how to get the letters ‘die-cut’ without separating them by a few mm’s each…which totally changed the font. So I didn’t use that style on the new blue frame and opted to use scissors to get rid of the extra vinyl around the lettering. The orange frame is the All-rounder with the die-cut vinyl stickers and it looks better than I thought it would.
I think getting the font painted on (laser-cut stencil) may be the way to go, but since I am just using rattlecan I’ll wait for a ‘real’ paintjob for that. But anyways, any suggestions on better methods would be much appreciated!


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