Frame 14 taking shape

I finished finishing the segmented fork finally. Pictures are on Flickr or below in the earlier blog post.  The color is totally disco, but in a good way. Should go well with the blue sparkly frame.  I’d love to get my own powdercoating booth and oven some day.  I do like the idea of doing most of the things myself, even if it’s more time consuming and more things to learn.  Rody at Groovy is a big influence there…amazing what that dude does with machining, framebuilding, painting, as well as making bars and cranks. I don’t know how he finds the time — all on his off-days since he has another full time job!


I’ve started on frame #14 – a custom geometry singlespeed cyclocross frame and fork for me.  It’s squat and long, like me. Basically, it’s a 54cm (c-c) seat tube with a 58.5 top tube and 72/72.5 angles. It’s a modified version of my old Indy Fab cross frame I loved so much.  I don’t get (like) how cross bikes these days are basically road bikes with more tire clearance.  It seems like most builders are going with steeper angles, lower BB’s, and shorter top tubes for their cross bikes in the last few years.  I can kinda see why, since many courses are basically now just road crits without even barriers.  Not my kind of cross. I’m more into the ‘mountain cross’ type where there’s even some singletrack thrown in…GASP!

The dropouts on this frame are Paul’s horizontals, the frame will have my wishbone seatstays on it, and have a sleeved seat tube for strength and style. Other than that, it’s pretty standard — True Temper 8/5/8 top tube (28.6) and down tube (31.8), 1-1/8″ head tube, 135mm rear axle spacing, and cantilever brakes (also Paul’s Touring Canti’s).

I’m trying a new dropout/chain & seatstay joining method.  Many builders use this method, but there’s not a lot about how to do it that i’ve found online.  Andy helped me a ton with figuring it out, and Joel at Clockwork did a brazed version of it also found on his Flickr site.  Not sure what this method is called, but see the photos if interested. (PS- do people like the “gallery” or slideshow of pictures better? I go back and forth, but if any of you 40 or so readers a day prefer one way lemme know!)

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