Frame 15’s glamour shots

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Finished this frame Saturday after cleaning up the extra brass, reaming and facing the head and seat tubes. The heat sinks do an awesome job of saving the cutting tools. I barely had anything to do on the seat tube especially.  I’m going with a seat clamp on this frame from DKG to make sure this thinner-walled seat tube holds the seatpost solid. It’s an externally butted seat tube that’s 1.1mm wall thickness, but they’re thin compared to the external sleeves I’ve been using. The ext butt seat tube is around 80 grams lighter (wuh-hoo!) and looks more like a normal CX bike IMO.

I fillet brazed everything on the seatstays again and it’s fun, if a ton more work to clean up and make purty. Wish I had a Dynafile or something that could help my arthritic hands out from solely using jewelers files and emery cloth! Labor of love you see.

I have had some errors on the unicrown forkage mitering today…my setup wasn’t rigid enough and the endmill caught and flung the fork leg out of the milling vise…! Not flung far, just out of the vise grips and gave the leg a nice bite out of a place you don’t want a bite out of.  Another leg to be used for practice welds…ugh. Moved onto a sweet lugged 7 deg offset crown from Nova instead.  This was actually the fork I was wanting to build for Jim all along so hope he digs it.  Hope to finish the fork this weekend and get this to paint next week so he can race on it this fall!

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