Fatcycle season

It’s fatbike time!

It snowed 5 – 7 FEET in Tahoe last week and the road now ends at the China Wall OHV staging area (a 20min drive up Foresthill Rd from my house). The gate closed last week and the Forest Service got the groomer out. They have been rolling the cat down the road and some side roads so it’s prime for fatbikes. No other tire tracks spotted but there must be other fatbikers out there…?
It was kind of a trip realizing you’re riding down a paved road that is now covered in a few feet of snow and groomed for whoemever wants to use it – snowmobiles, snowshoers, skiers, bikes, whatever. I’m not sure how far you can ride (how far they groom) but appears to be endless. Once the road grooming ends, one can follow the numerous snowmobile trails (AKA fatbike singletrack) till you wind up lost and extremely far from home.

I did a short loop just to check it out. I left the trailhead at 3:30pm and just rode the road for a few miles, turned left on the upper “Humbug Loop” entrance, did a figure 8, and returned to the truck. Logging roads that are groomed in winter, what a concept! It felt like being on an abandoned nordic area and it’s totally OK to ride there. Pretty frickin awesome.

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