Ready to roll

This bike is for me for the long haul. It is frame #14 and it is 72 HTA, 73 STA, 58 TT, 54ST (i have short legs!), and 57mm BB drop since it’s a single and I like higher BB’s for cross singles with longer cranks.   It’s got what feels like stiff gearing right now (i’m unfit and a weak being right now) at 42×18 so climbing is out of the question.  I wish I had never lost that fitness from years ago! It is crazy hard to get that back!

The frame is not light – over 4lbs. But fully built the bike is 19 lbs… tubeless Stans 355 wheelset, Maxxis Locusts 35mm tires, Midge mustache bars, SRAM Rival GXP crankset, Paul’s horizontal dropouts and Touring Canti’s, pretty simple build with all aluminum components.  Built to last!

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